Public Housing

Square Feet has vast experience with Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) in meeting all their accessibility requirements. Our personal have provided accessibility consulting to some on the largest PHAs in the country and assisted them in meeting their ADA/UFAS Title II, §504, Civil Rights Act, Fair Housing Act requirements as well as the requirements of any VCA entered into with US-HUD. Pursuant to these VCAs, third party accessibility consultants to provide Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards (UFAS) consultation and certification services. These projects involve many phases including: a needs assessment, an assessment of the current public housing stock, and the inspection, design, modification, construction and monitoring of units, buildings, and public areas to make them fully accessible.

Through our field inspections, assessments and reports we provide cost effective measures to help PHAs comply with the federal accessibility laws effecting public housing, new construction, existing public housing developments, and other PHA assisted housing programs. We also assist PHAs reach their goals to ensure equal opportunities in housing and affirmatively further fair housing policies. We help PHAs provide a suitable living environment for families living in assisted housing, regardless of disability, and help to afford persons with disabilities equal opportunity in housing and non-housing programs, services and activities. We do this by providing reasonable barrier removal solutions, instituting effective communication policies and making alterations for accommodations according to individual disabled tenants' needs.

If you would like further information regarding our services or would like to find out how we can assist you please call Carlos Herrera  at 305-336-0007 or email request to cherrera@square-feet.us.